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Litigation Support

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Litigation Support
Litigation Support

Litigation Support

The Law Office of Andrew D. Goldman will work with your organization throughout any legal dispute to attempt to negotiate an amicable settlement.  Unfortunately, even the best preparations and most well-meaning negotiations can’t always resolve every dispute amicably.


While we do not conduct litigation or draft court filings, we are happy to provide referrals to numerous litigation firms at various price/size levels.  While that outside counsel would draft and defend your claims in court, in-house counsel often works with outside counsel, as your trusted advisor, to ensure that it gets done right, while you can continue to go about your business as usual:


  • Mediation and pre-litigation settlement negotiation
  • Liaison with and oversight of outside counsel, ensuring you understand/follow the process
  • Preparation and compilation of discovery materials
  • Review/editing of litigation documents (from outside counsel)
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